About Tee...
I've been a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years.

Some courses of interest to me have been property inspection and
risk management.

I've been an investor in real estate for several years now. I help
first-time homebuyers, as well as novice and seasoned investors.

I'm always on the lookout for investment properties for my investor
clients. Maybe you'd like me to be a buyer's rep for you, too.

It's getting harder and harder to find the great deals because they're
sometimes sold before they even hit the market; and, many more
people are rehabbing homes for profit, meaning less inventory.

Investment properties are a gamble and it's a good idea to have
someone knowledgeable in your corner...someone who has the
connections and gets the phone calls and emails about those
properties that you may never see on Realtor.com or Craigslist, etc.

If you want information on the Officer Next Door (OND) and Teacher
Next Door (TND) programs, which offers discounts on homes
purchased by those in certain professions.....please give me a call.

No matter what your real estate needs are.....or you just want some
friendly, no-pressure advice, call me at 870-1277 or
email me today.


Tee Saine
Affiliate Broker
Before you buy or sell,
please give me a call at