...needs and desires change... What are your dreams now?
At Dan Stewart Realtors, we work with clients age 55-plus through
major financial and lifestyle transitions including relocating,
refinancing, or selling the family home.

Housing and equity needs may change over time. We are here to
explain the options and information needed in making
We may be able to provide you options to reduce out-of-pocket stay
independent or finance assistance, for example.

Maybe you have questions about reverse mortgages or even a
reverse mortgage for purchase (we were one of the first firms, in
town, to close such a deal...the client actually introduced us to this
option). We are not mortgage brokers; but, we can look out for your
real estate interests.
We have a few agents who have experience working with their own aging relatives. We've done the
research...why not benefit from it?

Not only can we give you advice about downsizing from a home to a condo, but we don't mind giving you
other options including assisted living and continuing care communities. Let us help you protect what
assets you may have now.

Don't let happen to you what happened to someone we know...A couple sold a home, which was
completely paid for...then they spent the equity they built up over 30 years to go live in some over-55
apartments. After about 8 years, they had ran out of money and had to go live with relatives after that.
They also paid capital gains, on the home they sold here in TN, because they moved to a income tax
state. They learned later that they could have avoided paying capital gains to the other state, legally.

We could help you rent your home out or do a reverse mortgage or something...let's talk before you
make any decisions!!!

Real estate is the largest single asset class held by households that are headed by someone who is 65
or older...you worked hard for it...let's carefully plan the next stage in your life!!!

At Dan Stewart Realtors, we
really do care...about YOU!!!

Please call us TODAY at 901.795.1425!!!
Putting 35+ years Memphis
real estate experience to
work for aging Boomers,
55+, and seniors...