We see it often, but don't let it happen to you!
We want to give you an example of what we've seen in one of our own neighborhoods.

In the spring, we've seen our neighbors fixing up their homes (using stacked stones around the flowerbeds, a new
roof, etc). Maybe a few of these homes are sold just as the school year is ending; but, then we'll see 6-8 more
homes come on the market between April and late summer, only to see most of them not selling.

As Realtors, we cannot solicit listings that are already listed....but we can at least let you know, through this website
page, what we're thinking.

First, we see some of the major firms putting signs in yards...and that's probably that last time the sellers will see their
agents. We'll notice flyer boxes on the for sale signs sit empty for days or weeks on end.

Second, we'll see a few FSBO's finally list with an agent but the agents overpriced the homes. We want to be able to
tell our neighbors that the agent overpriced their house so they'll get the net proceeds they want.....and that agent
hasn't done them any favors because they continue to pay that mortgage for the next 6-8 months...and by then other
homes may have sold and then the market may be going soft because the new school year is starting (and a lot of
people wait until early spring to think about moving again)...but we can't tell them that because as Realtors, we can't
interfere with another's listing.

It's always good to have a list of professionals in your Rolodex that you can trust: a good mechanic, lawyer...and
don't forget: a trustworthy real estate agent. And by trustworthy, we obviously don't mean the one who spends the
most on ads or billboards.

Don't be swayed by the salesmanship tactics that may leave your home on the market for months more than you'd
like.....and don't go with a major firm that will likely price your home 10% below to move it quicker...when you deserve
more money.

You deserve a Realtor that truly cares about your interests.....call Dan Stewart Realtors today!
He lost $50,000...but you don't have to!

In May 2006 we received a call to help out a FSBO listing (For Sale By Owner). We provided comps for his
neighborhood and received feedback from him that we were providing very insightful information about what to fix
before selling, and how to price his property in Cordova, TN, etc.

Then...we never heard back from the gentleman. A quick search of the Shelby County Property Assessor's page told
us that he bought that home for $160,000 just 4 years earlier. He sold the house in July 2006 for only $110,000.

Had he listed the home with Dan Stewart Realtors, we would have marketed the home properly and probably sold it
for near what he paid for it.....but not at a $50,000 loss! (This doesn't includes the mortgage payments he made on
the Cordova home for about a year after he had already moved back to the East Coast).

The owner had already bought another home in another state; but, his home was worth more than $110,000...he
shouldn't have taken a $50,000 loss in that market. His home had hardwood floors, a nice backyard...not a bad area.

Too bad we couldn't help him...but you don't have to make that mistake!
List your home with us TODAY!!!

Did you know that working with a Realtor can actually make you money?

According to the 2006 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the median price of a home sold by an
unrepresented seller was $187,200, a 24.3 percent discount from the median price of $247,000 for a home sold with
the help of a real estate practitioner.

With prices coming down in many markets, do you want to walk away from all that extra money...almost $60,000 in
the above example?