Dan Stewart Realtors has worked to relocate families, as well as employees at Ford Motor
Credit, the U.S. Naval Bureau of Personnel, and others - to the Memphis area.

If you're thinking of moving to Memphis, or the Mid-South area...we can help you!
Relocating to the Mid-South?
Important numbers, when relocating:
If you are relocating to the Memphis area, please
call Joyce Medlin, our hospitality and relocation
coordinator, at 901-795-1425.

Do you want to know more about Memphis?
You can find more information on our "About
Memphis" page, including about schools,
shopping, recreation, etc...just
click here.
Local Telephone (AT&T) 800-753-0223        
Memphis Light Gas & Water 901-544-6549
Comcast Cable & Internet 901-259-1111
Post office 1-800-275-8777 (www.usps.com)
Department of Motor Vehicles 901-543-7920
Are you moving out of the Memphis area?
We can help you with that, too! Our extensive
network of property databases can help you
choose the perfect home with the amenities
and nearby conveniences that you desire.
Call us at 901-795-1425 today!!!
Moving out of our area?