We'll help you invest in and manage your Memphis, TN properties!
As a property management client, we look forward to managing your real estate investment portfolio in
Memphis. After 35+ years, we have a strong, established reputation and look forward to the ongoing
opportunity of proving that to you, personally.

Our company is not about our agents flying solo; rather, the management team is a dedicated support
network for our agents and our clients. We take a vested interest in your success.

We view our role as a Realtor similar to a stock broker. Our job is to offer suggestions and ideas to help your
real estate portfolio grow and produce a significant return on your investment. One main difference between
a Realtor and a stock broker is the stock broker makes money whether you do or not. As a Realtor, if we can’t
collect your rent, we don't get paid.

What makes our firm different
Our Tenant Risk Management program provides a cushion for the property owner in the event that a tenant
suddenly defaults on their lease. In a traditional management system, you would find out on the 15th of the
month that there would be no income for the month. Our program softens the financial blow. If your monthly
net on a property is $850, we'll issue a TRM check for $850 for that month while we pursue the eviction and
activate the re-marketing process. This gives you a month to re-budget you cash flow to meet whatever
obligations may be necessary. We don't want our agents leasing a property just so they can collect the first
month’s rent.

Our Total Investment Solution program is a real estate version of your stock portfolio manager. The Dan
Stewart Acquisition Team makes property investment recommendations based upon your individual
strategy. Once we are in agreement, the DSR team will prepare the property for occupancy and begin
marketing as demographics dictate. If DSR has placed its approval on the terms and conditions, we are
also willing to put our money where our mouth is. Once the property is ready for occupancy, if after 60 days
the property has not rented based on the predetermined and agreed to rent rate, DSR will begin paying you a
4% annualized amount of the total investment. Here's a hypothetical: if we buy a house and complete repairs
on a $90,000 property, we will issue a check in the amount of $300 per month until we rent the property. This
provides you a minimum return of a CD rate.

If we say it, there must be accountability. To date, we have only issued one check to an investor for not
meeting expectations.

As a note of interest
We do offer access to a 501c3. They provide accommodations to families that have been temporarily
displaced due to catastrophic events. Bad properties can be donated with a tax write off of up to appraised
value. This may be a good option for some investors that are in an unrecoverable situation. At donation, all
taxes and liens must be current.

You deserve a Realty Team that truly cares about
your interests.....call 901-795-1425, TODAY!.
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