A special note to our (out-of-state) Investors
Just when we think we've been in business
long enough to have heard it all, we will hear
something that surprises us. In the last several
years there has been an increase in out of state
investors, especially from California, New York
and New Jersey.

They are buying up commercial property in
Memphis due to the opinion that the Memphis
market is undervalued. While we agree on many
levels, we want you to know that there are many
real estate firms that will leave you high and dry
after the sale. Dan Stewart Realtors will not.

Some investors, after the sale, find they need
property management only to find their Realtor
has cashed their commission check and is no
longer interested in taking their phone calls.
Don't let that dream investment in Memphis,
Tennessee turn into a nightmare...
The downfall to working with many large scale firms is that often they have bigger fish to catch and
don’t give that personalized service. Many agents will sell you a building but won't help you to lease it,
or keep the tenants that were there when the deal closed.

We know of a California investor that entrusted another firm to market a corporate retreat property.
Little did he know that there were never any flyers put out on the property and the only yard sign had
been knocked down and it stayed that way for several months (until the listing expired).

We know of one seller that paid approximately $15,000 as a marketing fee for their commercial
property to be marketed...but the $15,000 was spent without ever creating a flyer or brochure.

That's not the kind of business we conduct at Dan Stewart Realtors. We believe in honesty and
integrity, before, during and after the sale.

We have represented out of state investors (and local investors, too) who want to represent
themselves to save money on a deal. Fortunately through our expertise and negotiating skills, we've
been able to prove our value to some of these non-believing clients.

At Dan Stewart Realtors, our record speaks for itself, just call the Better Business Bureau or one of
our previous clients (we can provide a list).