Investing in Multi-Family Properties in Memphis, TN
In other markets, an average 4-unit property
costs over $400K (vs. the $120K shown here).
The above property is 100% leased.
Why should you invest in multi-family properties in the Memphis metro area?

There are several advantages to multi-family over other real estate investments. Residential properties
carry lower risks than retail, office and industrial properties because the income streams tend to be more
predictable. Multi-family property provides better cash flows than single-family investments.
If you are basing your investment decision purely on
numbers, understand that you typically get a choice
between appreciation and cash flow. Investments in
Memphis, TN typically have a balanced mix of appreciation
have a better cash flow potential. That's where our market
expertise plays a significant role: understanding the
nuances of this market and submarkets.

We have been in business for 30+ years and have access
to investment listings in one of the most undervalued real
estate markets (Memphis, TN).

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With multi-family investment properties, your goal should be very flow. Properties that can cash
flow can survive all market cycles. In a down market, your strategies can shift to “hold rather than sell" until
the market turns. In a peaking real estate market, you maybe able to leverage equity to buy more units. You
you should sell (rather that the market dictating when you must sell).