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7 Reasons to Own Your Own Home
*** The average homeowner's net worth is 46 times the net worth of the average renter. Learn more.

10 Steps to Prepare for Homeownership
10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing A Home
10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers
Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood
Make a Move Easier on Kids
Moving with Pets
What Your Home Inspection Should Cover

How Big a Mortgage Can I Afford?
Budget Basics Worksheet
6 Creative Ways to Afford a Home
*** HUD has step-by-step information on buying a home:
everything from down-payment assistance to shopping for a home.
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8 Steps to Getting Your Finances in Order
8 Ways to Improve Your Credit
*** For tips on improving your credit score, click here. Here are two free booklets to download.
Common Closing Costs for Buyers

Selling  (some articles have similar content)
Tips For Selling Your Home
Remodeling That Pays
*** This link should take you to's Top 15 Home Updates
(if not, got to and search for "Top 15 Homes Updates").

Thinking of a Bath Renovation? Here is an
article that covers some basics...
20 Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home
*** This link should take you to's Designed to Sell TV show (tips): click here.

"This Old House"
online. Remember that TV show?
You'll find remodeling tips, about checking for radon gas....many helpful things.