You deserve the first-rate service from a full-service firm

mortgage for an extra 6-8 months or more than you were planning on, did you really save any money?

"Flat rate" firms are not going to do a whole lot for $395+. So what if a "flat-rate" firm drops your home into
"MLS." We saw a news program the other day that said there were over 12,000 homes for sale in Memphis.
Many homes in MLS have been on the market for 200+ days....we just saw one in for over 1000 days!

Trust us...coming from a firm in business for 35+ years:
marketing a home often takes real effort.

We read this on a "discount realty" website: "it makes no sense to commit to paying thousands with a 6%
listing when you can get the same listing from us for as little as $349!" Another website said “you’ll get the
same from as the 6% guys.” There is
no way that could be true because the average cost to take a listing is
now $1500 (
Realtor magazine).

QUESTION: How are they going to perform the same as we do for $349? Most yard signs cost $100 alone,
plus there's the cost of flyers (not to mention to the $15 flyer boxes), Open House marketing, etc.

Here's an example of an outright lie: "If you want to cancel your listing for any reason, they demand a 'fee' to
compensate them for all their 'hard work' and expenses before they cancel your listing. This is often
thousands of dollars....if you want to get rid of the agent, you need to 'pay them off' (source:

At Dan Stewart Realtors, we have never heard of this ever happening in Memphis, TN or any place else...
have you?

Here's the TRUTH of the matter: we spoke a representative at one day about where the real
estate market was going, etc. This representative told us about a friend and his "flat rate" realty franchise. He
said the owner took "listings" at $600+ each..."knowing full well that most would never sell." The owner said
he "didn't care" because he already had an upfront $600 non-refundable marketing fee, on every "listing."
Those firms are raking people over-the-coals, not us...

Full-service real estate agents who work on commission are always taking risks because many homes
won't sell during a specified time frame, etc. According to several states' labor reports, many real estate
agents make $10 an hour. Commission dollars go to advertising, insurance, taxes, and so forth (that is, what
is left over after usually splitting it between 2 brokers and 2 agents.....sometimes more).

Are full-service agents worth the money? Here's is an interesting article you can
download. Here is another
download about how much it really costs agents to give "full-service" to a property listing. If you select the
right real estate firm, you will get what you pay for.

At Dan Stewart Realtors, we are primarily a buyers’ agency, meaning we have many buyer contacts. We don't
just list your home, like a "flat-rate" firm will....we work to get it sold quickly for the most money.

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