Sometimes we're asked: who is Dan Stewart?

Yes....he's an actual person (we didn't make that name up)!

Mr. Dan Stewart worked in Memphis radio and television in the
early 1970s. You may remember him on Ch. 13 news.

After a few years on TV, a couple friends had suggested he go
into real estate...not that they didn't enjoy him on-air!

While he enjoyed working on TV, he was always looking for new
challenges so he gave it a try.
Who is Dan Stewart?
By 1977, he had started his own firm: The Dan Stewart Company...or Dan Stewart Realtors.

In 1997, Dan Stewart sold the company and retired to Atlanta but often travels back to Memphis with his wife,
Mary Ellyn, including to visit the Medlin family (owners of DSR).

We told Dan he should write a book because he has so many stories from when he lived in Memphis, and he
always tells them in a animated way - he's a pleasure to talk with.

Dan Stewart really set a precedence for customer-oriented service in the Memphis real estate market.

He continued to cultivate this standard and we continue it today because we really are "the Realty Team that
cares...about YOU!!!"
Dan and Mary Ellyn Stewart
Dan and Mary Ellyn Stewart on
the bank of the Mississippi River