Congratulations on taking the first step towards property ownership and building equity in your future!

It is best to get pre-approved for a mortgage before a real estate agent begins a home search for you: that way
you'll know what price range to look in before you fall in love with a home that is too expensive.

You can go to a bank or independent mortgage broker to get pre-approved, or contact us
(see NOTE below).
You'll also be able to find out what rate you qualify for and can decide if you want to do a 15 or 30 years mortgage,
a fixed or adjustable rate, etc. This calculator will allow you to figure out your payment for different loan amounts,
interest rates, and amortization terms.

Please note: your credit rating and/or FICO determines the interest rate that you qualify for (5.5% may not be
available based on the information you provide to a mortgage lender).

Please refer to chart below for the interest rate you should input into the Mortgage Calculator
(rough estimate).
For the latest on FICO scores and rates, along with other helpful info, click here to go
Mortgage Calculator
Note: For mortgage information, contact us for a list
of mortgage brokers you may want to consider.

You can shop for the best mortgage rates to get your
purchase or re-fi loan done.

Don't let your credit score stop you from contacting us