Are you looking to sell your home?
...needs and desires change... What are your dreams?
It's simple. You want to know what Dan Stewart Realtors can do for you...

Since 1977, Dan Stewart Realtors has been serving buyers and sellers in Memphis and the surrounding areas.
We're not just interested in doing the deal, we're interested in building relationships that will last a lifetime!
We have worked hard to satisfy our clients for 35+ years and we know our market.

We will market your property that best represents your interests as a homeowner: to sell your home for the most amount,
in the least amount of time. We won't price your home 10% below market value, as many firms do, just to sell your home in
hours or days (unless you ask us to do so). We won't price your home so high that it won't sell for 8 months to a year, just
because we're trying to get a listing.

We'll be honest and upfront about how to price your home. We'll give you scenarios about how long it will take to sell your
home, based on the lowest to the highest offering price. You'll be glad to know we're on your side!
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We will work hard to:

* Know the prevailing market conditions; by street, neighborhood, and city, as well as pertinent demographics.

* Know the profiles of potential Buyers for your property and how to market your home to them.

* Understand the particulars of how to help you transform your house into a highly marketable commodity.

* Formulate and implement an aggressive marketing program to achieve the desires of you, our client.
We use the latest in cutting edge technology to market your home.

* Assist in the contracts and advise of potential pitfalls and concerns, providing our client with the insights that you
should expect when hiring a real estate consulting expert (a Realtor).

* Our commitment to you is to keep you apprised of all aspects of your transaction, so that you can make the best
decisions possible based on your personal situation

* From the curb appeal of your home to handing you a pen at closing,
we're the Realty Team that cares...about YOU!!!

If you would like a free Comparable Market Analysis to help you understand your home's value, we would love to
provide you one within 24 hours or less. If you would like to set-up an appointment with an agent to discuss selling
your home, just
click here. If you need an estimate right now, try going to email or call us at
901-795-1425 for all the latest market conditions.
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Baby-boomer, or 55+?
...your real estate needs
are much different than
those of first-time home
buyers...and you can
use other things to your
benefit, such as reverse
mortgages. For more
information on how we
can serve your needs,
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